LiLi Hop


LiLi Hop weekend is a Lindy Hop weekend or festival in Ghent. Workshops Lindy Hop and authentic Jazz with international Lindy Hop teachers, parties with live bands playing swing jazz, showcases, a 30 second showcase competition.,...
Het LiLi Hop weekend is een Lindy Hop weekend of festival met workshops in Gent door internationale Lindy Hop lesgevers, Lindy Hop feesten met live swing jazz bands, dansvoorstellingen,...

11.01.2020: party with reverent juke and short case competition!

We’ll have a great party again with our favourite band Reverant Juke and off course, the short case competition.

Registrations are open!

This year the festival is a very reduced edition. Sometimes it’s better to take a break to be back with renewed energy and ideas. Be sure we’ll have a full festival again in 2021, with international teachers and more …

organised by:

Danshuis De Ingang

With 6 studio’s beneath its roof and about 40 excellent teachers and musicians, accompanying certain lessons, it succeeded in facilitating a large variety of qualitative dance classes of different styles.

Keeping its values high: dance is art, dance is sport, dance brings people and cultures together! Everyone is welcome in our house, each individual is valuable for us!

Concept: Alex Kuznetsov, Joris Focquaert, Kris Bauwens, Olga Moiseeva, Philippe Lombaert & Sven Schoukens
Coordination & communication: Sven Schoukens
Administration: Charlotte Verfaille


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