LiLi Hop


LiLi Hop weekend is a Lindy Hop weekend or festival in Ghent. Workshops Lindy Hop and authentic Jazz with international Lindy Hop teachers, parties with live bands playing swing jazz, showcases, a 30 second showcase competition.,...
Het LiLi Hop weekend is een Lindy Hop weekend of festival met workshops in Gent door internationale Lindy Hop lesgevers, Lindy Hop feesten met live swing jazz bands, dansvoorstellingen,...

You're a performer? Or you desire to perform? Here's your chance. Take part at the 'short show case competition' and bring in a short but powerfull, swing related performance, the best you've got!

Before you register read the contest rules carefully!

  • The choreography must be between 30 seconds and 40 seconds in length. Yes, 30 seconds is not that long. You can take couple of seconds after 30 seconds to finish a movement or musical phrasing (but don't take it over 40 seconds!)

  • The choreography can be in any swing dance style: Lindy Hop, Shag, Balboa, the Charleston, Burlesque, Tap, solo Jazz, Blues or any other swing related dances.

  • Group and/or solo pieces are accepted.

  • The number of participants in one performance group is limited to max 15 persons.

  • The number of showcases in the competition is limited to max 15. Only the first 15 registrations are in.

  • One person is allowed to participate in more than one group

  • Judging is conducted by the Lilihop Weekend instructors or Danshuis De Ingang instructors.

  • First price is €200 for the winner(s), group or individual.

  • Registration of competitions will be closed Thursday 18 January at 12 am.

  • The maximum number of show cases in the competition is limited to 15.

  • Music! You can either edit your music (cut a fragment) or plan a fade after 30–40 seconds.
    Make sure your number is ready to be used by the dj. He only pushes the 'play' button! So your fragment should be cut (in case of a fragment), equalized and of good quality!
    Mail your music track to before Thursday 18 January 12 am.

  • The competition will be held at the LiLi Hop party during the break of the band.

  • To participate you don’t pay a fee, just buy your entrance ticket.

Why just 30 seconds?

There are a lot of swing dancers who would like to perform. But to prepare for a 3 minutes performance is taking an enormous amount of knowledge, practice, and well just lots of time. Limiting the time makes it easier for all dancers to participate in performance choreography. We encourage more dancers to take a chance and increase the number of performances out there.  So find a partner(s) and create a breath-taking’ 30–40 second routine of your favourite swing dance!

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