LiLi Hop


LiLi Hop weekend is a Lindy Hop weekend or festival in Ghent. Workshops Lindy Hop and authentic Jazz with international Lindy Hop teachers, parties with live bands playing swing jazz, showcases, a 30 second showcase competition.,...
Het LiLi Hop weekend is een Lindy Hop weekend of festival met workshops in Gent door internationale Lindy Hop lesgevers, Lindy Hop feesten met live swing jazz bands, dansvoorstellingen,...


Before registering, please read the level descriptions well, and evaluate your own dance experience the best you can, according to the descriptions. If you don't know for sure, ask your dance teacher for feedback.  Thank you!



You never had Lindy Hop lessons before or might have followed a workshop once or had a few lessons but never completed the beginners lessons. In this mini track for absolute beginners you will not only learn about the basics. You'll mainly experience what Lindy Hop is about. Your wonderful teachers will make you enjoy the music and dance. After this, you'll only hunger for more! Off course this workshop will make the fun only bigger at the LiLi Hop parties.


You’ve been taking weekly Lindy Hop classes for at least 1-2 year. You can lead/follow basic steps with no hard efforts, but might make mistakes when it comes to more difficult figures. You feel comfortable doing steps/figures such as: basic 8-count, swing out, 6-count figures, Swing Out, Texas Tommy, Circle. You should also be familiar with basic jazz steps.


You’ve been taking Lindy Hop classes for at least 2 years, taking regular classes and going to workshops. You manage to cope with leading/following very well. You’ve got a variety of figures in your arsenal and can improvise to music from time to time. You can handle fast music, as well. You should be also familiar with jazz steps and some choruses such as Shim Sham Shimmy.


You’ve been taking Lindy Hop classes for at least 3 years. You attend classes at the highest level in your hometown. Footwork variations are a part of your basic repertoire. You have no problem with leading, following, improvisation, really fast and also slow music. You would like to be better with fast tempos, learn more complicated shapes and rhythms


You've been dancing for at least 3-4 years or more. You have attended more international events than you can count. You are probably a teacher in your local scene. Every tempo is comfortable for you. You want to work on new steps, but are also interested on improving the technique and musicality. You have read all the other level descriptions and think they are not enough for you. 
In the registration form you introduce yourself and describe your dance background in the therefore provided field.


You already know some basic moves (boogie back, shorty George and apple jack means a lot to you). You've met earlier with at least one of those routines - Shim Sham Shimmy, Big Apple, Tranky Doo. You can dance for at least 20 second on your own (but you are not sure about the whole song).


Saint Louis Shag is new for you but you do have experience with Collegiate shag or Lindy Hop? Or you just want to refresh it? That’s all fine! Everyone can join, as long as you know it's a very fast closed position dance! Charleston and Authentic Jazz dancers will love it too.
The workshop Saint Louis Shag is a collaboration with Crazy Leggs