LiLi Hop


LiLi Hop weekend is a Lindy Hop weekend or festival in Ghent. Workshops Lindy Hop and authentic Jazz with international Lindy Hop teachers, parties with live bands playing swing jazz, showcases, a 30 second showcase competition.,...
Het LiLi Hop weekend is een Lindy Hop weekend of festival met workshops in Gent door internationale Lindy Hop lesgevers, Lindy Hop feesten met live swing jazz bands, dansvoorstellingen,...

Friday 25/01/18

party @ Danshuis De Ingang

19h45-21h15 SAINT LOUIS SHAG WORKSHOP by Jenny & Christian
20h15 SOLO JAZZ TASTER WORKSHOP by Joris Focqauert (open level but minimum basis experience)
20h15-00h15 CLIPPERIN' STOFF gentlemen only. Reservate your barber session!
21h15 DJ’s, teacher presentation, snowball,...
02h Last Song

Saturday 26/01/18

workshops @ Danshuis De Ingang

13h start workshops Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz
13h45 start workshop Lindy Hop absolute beginners
17h end workshops beginners
17h50 end workshops Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz

Party @ De Centrale

20h30: Ghentlemen Dj's
21h30: 1st set 'Reverent Juke'
22h15: 30 second showcase competition
22h45: 2nd set 'Reverent Juke'
23h30: teachers cabaret and anouncement winners
23h45: 3th set
00h30: Ghentlemen DJ's
03h:  Last song

Sunday 27/01/18

workshops @ Danshuis De Ingang

12h45 start workshops Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz
17h25 end workshops

Party @ Trefpunt

20h-01h Slow drag evening
Dj Kris (GHENTLEMEN) & Mel Schöneweiß
Showcase slowdrag by Olga Moiseeva & Alex Kuznetsov
Surprise act at closing time!


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