LiLi Hop


LiLi Hop weekend is a Lindy Hop weekend or festival in Ghent. Workshops Lindy Hop and authentic Jazz with international Lindy Hop teachers, parties with live bands playing swing jazz, showcases, a 30 second showcase competition.,...
Het LiLi Hop weekend is een Lindy Hop weekend of festival met workshops in Gent door internationale Lindy Hop lesgevers, Lindy Hop feesten met live swing jazz bands, dansvoorstellingen,...



On foot

From Gent-Dampoort station you can easily walk to De Centrale (party on Saturday). It takes about 10 minutes.

By bike

The best way to move in Ghent is by bike!

You can rent a bike at or near Dampoort station as well as near Sint-Pieters station. 
At the parking of the Galveston building, in wich Danshuis De Ingang is located, you can rent a bike as well. But you'll need to pick up the bike here, at the parking, and, in the end, bring it back here to the parking. More info:

By Bus or tram

Bus nrs 55, 57 and 58 stop near De Ingang, get off at ‘Spoorwegbrug’ .  Tram nr 4 also stops relatively close, get off at ‘Muidebrug’, then walk about 10 minutes via Terneuzenlaan and over the railway bridge to reach the Wiedauwkaai.

Bus nr 5 stops close to De Centrale, get off at ‘Stapelplein’.

Many busses (nrs 5, 55, 57, 58,...) stop at Trefpunt, get off at 'Sint-Jacobs'

Check bus and tram routes on or via Google Maps directions.

How to get to Ghent?

By Airplaine

Fly to Charlerois Airport (Brussels South) or Brussels National Airport. From there you can take the train or bus to get to Ghent. and from Charleroi Airport with the shuttle

By Bus

Many long distance busses also ride to Ghent. It might be an option for your, cheap and eco friendly!

By train

Take the train to Gent - Dampoort (or Gent - Sint-Pieters).